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StipplingGroup 1 will be in need of a tank or DPS for the week (Tues/Wed/Thur 7-10PM server time). Please reply here or contact any group member to offer your services, thanks!
Banky   if your willing to take a DPS conceal operative I have Mal-colm to run anything on. be it filling in with you are with group 2 on thursday.
MalevolenceGroup 2 needs a filler DPS for Thursday April 2nd @ 6 PST. Most likely will be working on TOS Underlurker or killing Storm Squadron.
Banky   my conceal Operative Mal-colm just joined the guild came over from IBO and am looking for any spots to fill. full 192 with 198 ear and offhand bought with ult comms. have 4 piece 192 bonus as well. put up around 4k on million dummy. just looking for a chance.
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HatoriHey I want one of the new master's hyper crates maybe two. You buy, I give you creds rather the creds go to a guildy then a Chinese farmer damn Chinese farmers stealing our jobs. pm me if your interested.
Banky   joined Failure Guild
Maalachor<Failure> Server first and second kills Hateful Entity

Great Job everyone
Hateful Entity (16M SnV Nim Secret Boss)
Server First kill of the Hateful Entity "Failure", Server : ...
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Maalachor   Well, still, good job nevertheless haha
Darkom   Where are the recordings where you forgot to cleanse me m8??
ObSol33t   OMG, Maalachor is a clicker!!! how do people still do that?
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JadenthG3 could use a dps replacement tonight for HM Tos/Rav. 7-10 pacific
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