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ThemHi Omim, I should have posted something - my apologies. Due to sparse sign ups last week and this being Thanksgiving week, we were going to postpone this and try again next week.
OmimIs there an Alt run tonight?
SkullcapFor the people who normally do the sales runs with us, we are going to be starting a little earlier tomorrow due to the buyer have time constraints. If someone can't make it pls let me know so i can get someone to cover.
Skullcap   6:00 pm pst start time btw
Scarello   ONLY IF YOU ABSOUTLY NEED me text me otherwise homeowrk
SkullcapGroup A will need a healer for tonights run of EV HM. Let me know if anyone can help us out. Alternatively we could use an extra dps and I can heal. It would be prefered that we get a healer to sub in cause I'm a scrublord at healing XD
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