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ThemDon't forget there's a new Wed run on the calendar. Sign up if interested.
Rothkana / ThelliariRaptus is a bit boring, I'll put it up if anyone wants. Tyrans I missed.
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Rothkana / Thelliari
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Rothkana / Thelliari
Failure 16NiM Council 4.6 - Merc Heals PoV
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DongoLinking Twitch highlights sucks. Does this have anime music too kevin?
Dongo's Dungeon Dredging NIM Brontes - Vengeance tank
The dungeon dredgers have conquered the galaxy. It's Lit. --...
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Them   It does not sound abime-ish at all, no.
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Them   What's up with this Anime-ish music Jimi?
Dongo   Thats not anime music kevin, those were some pretty popular edm songs. They are definitely not kawaii enough.
Them   Ok so what does Anime music sound like to you Dongo?
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