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hello all! Snake here from the 6:00pst team, we're going to be short a healer and dps all week, if anybody wants to help us kill some HM bosses let me know.
Get wrecked Ghana.
Hi Ranek :)
omg hi vio
Patchwork is a one man show!
Draxus - Patchwork likes to do an improv session on the script and not use Hydraulics! >:)
nefra = easy. draxus = tough to strat, then easy and scripted. Grobbie = We have a wierd comp for it, RNG annoyingness. Corrupt 0 = harder than hardmode. Brontes = a brutal burn phase.
Been good how is nightmare?
wassup you been brotha?
:) too bad no one really runs pyro in ops except for shits n' gigs
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dysf(x)alThis song is funzies
Puscifer - Tiny Monsters
Credit: Puscifer @
eleegail   joined Failure Guild
truenoobtoo bright
RanekFucking hate these World of Warcraft headsets... this is the second one thats broken in the exact same spot. [link]
Link Description
dysf(x)al   [link]
StipplingTester   joined Failure Guild
StipplingThank you Kenzers for the new guild banner!
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Stippling   Updated the website design too to reflect and supplement the changed color theme.
Kenzers   DUDE ITS SO SICK!!
truenoobJULY 29th RAIDING: If interested please put your name and role this is for HM DF/DP Due to people on vacation I am still trying to do some guild stuff. Thanks Scar
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Ranek   I'll be the cheerleader.
jariko   Jar'iko. People-watcher.
Trent R   my toon is palyceathena and im DPS
Vandicus   joined Failure Guild
KenzersHey guys! I made this, I thought it would be a cool banner.Its in Aurabesh or Galactic Basic. It reads "Failure, Is not an option"
Enjoy :)
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dysf(x)al   I like this much better than the shitty banner we've had. Good work.
Violescent   Yeah this is really sweet Kenz. Kinda reminds me of Studio Ghibli.
Kenzers   Thanks :)
MalevolenceSo it's confirmed, 50 million credits has to be in the guild bank in order to purchase guild capital ship.
Violescent   Yeah and a grand total of 150 million credits to deck it out! Holy balls.
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