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nice banner. Props.
hello all! Snake here from the 6:00pst team, we're going to be short a healer and dps all week, if anybody wants to help us kill some HM bosses let me know.
Get wrecked Ghana.
Hi Ranek :sick:
omg hi vio
Patchwork is a one man show!
Draxus - Patchwork likes to do an improv session on the script and not use Hydraulics! >:sick:
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StipplingMake it happen Bioware kthx.
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TyransI was just minding my own business on the guild ship and then this...
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Malevolence   Stippling sure is crashing that gate.
jariko   I can open my gate if you want to crash it some time. Will even give you the remote control.
Kenzers   ^ LOL
TrythackThis was me on Wednesday
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jariko   I would like this comment, except it promotes lazy healers. Healers should be more masochistic in nature, and move towards those in need of heals! If I required emergent care, then that ambulance should come to me, gawddammit!
RanekLightbulb can't make raid tonight, has to work late.
Stippling   Reported for bad news.
dysf(x)al   Smells like another round of pot brownies
dysf(x)alGreat song by a great woman! ::sick:
Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me (Live 1992 Grammys)
Bonnie Raitt performs "I Can't Make You Love Me" at the 34th...
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StipplingNerdy and funny.
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