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DongoWhile we are on the topic of aids dps comps, take a look at this.
Juggernaut DPS 4.0 NIM Brontes ft Madness sorc and Lethality...
It's Lit with world first 4.0 juggernaut, sorc, and operativ...
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Darkom   World first jugg to reach Decrat mode.
Beastfury   You'd think he'd realize if he played some music over the top it would hide that heavy breathing.
Darkom   It's all the Cheeto dust smothering his lungs, he can't help it.
DongoApparently we never uploaded the video for this. Probably my favorite out of all the comps we did lol.
Failure 6 Tank Revan
Couldn't find a recording of this online so i decided to upl...
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Keep-dyingNew group Hot Pink is looking for one dps to complete the group. We run Sunday/Monday nights at 9-1130 PST (sometimes run a little past 1130, but if you can't go later than that, we can stick to 1130). Mostly run NiM and HM Rav/Tos content. If interested, please message myself or Them and we can set up a try-out of sorts.

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Keep-dying   Edit: We currently have dps who are able to swap between melee/ranged. We'd prefer someone with some flexibility, but all inquiries are welcomed.
16m HM Colossal Monolith
Uploaded by Jimi326 on 2016-08-19.
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Darkom16M HM and SM Monolith - Thursday, August 18th @ 7 PST. Sign up on the calendar. A few spots remaining if people need achievements/deco/mount/memes.
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Knife   Only the dankest memes
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