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Can raid leaders please just post their raid times here for others to see
( o . o ) b
nice banner. Props.
hello all! Snake here from the 6:00pst team, we're going to be short a healer and dps all week, if anybody wants to help us kill some HM bosses let me know.
Get wrecked Ghana.
Hi Ranek :sick:
omg hi vio
Patchwork is a one man show!
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Hatori   STRYVAH!
Stippling   Welcome.
JadenthOps 3 seeking tank/dps for sm ravager/tos tonight. We'd appreciate anyone who could fill a few "holes" while we find permanent group members. 7:30 - 10:00 contact Jadenth or Kid'buu.
dysf(x)al   There's something funny I could say here but I'll hold my tongue.
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RanekIf anyone needs to farm for a specific piece in HM FPs, heres my list so far:




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Metera   They drop 192s
Pfomo   Pfomo runs HM FP's all day if you want participate or need another so you don't pug as much just whisper me for help.
Ranek   Forgot to mention, earpiece location courtesy of Tyrans.
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Unrucky YorkKwerty and KBN theorycrafting about gearz, stats and augs on Ebon Hawk forum
WTB Awesome Theorycrafting from KeyboardNinja
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ScarelloRaid leaders people who are interested would like to see some raid times posted if you would put your group number and raid times that would be great.
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Jadenth   Group 3 Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:30-10:00.
Malevolence   Group 2 M/W/F 6:00-9:00 Server time
Jadenth   Ops 3 is now raiding Sun/Tues/Thurs 7:00-10:00 to accommodate schedules
MalgenekGroup 3 has successfully filled in our assassin tanking spot and the sorc dps spot, we are still looking for a dps Jug or a mara for that bloodthirst!!!! hit me or jadenth up!!!! 1 spot left and we can start raiding this coming tuesday!
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Unrucky York   Since I don't have forum access yet I'll just post here. I can't wait to do some raiding stuff with my group 3 on Tuesday! PVE is so hard m8.
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