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JadenthCheck out my completed Yavin Temple Stronghold!
SWTOR Jadenth's Lair of Shadows - The Bastion - TOR Decorati...
Jadenth's Lair of Shadows - The Bastion SWTOR Galactic Strongholds (GSH) decoration in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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DCGorilla62   I also want to check it out, but I also got the error code. I still hit the like button. :sick:
Darkom   Probably the best SH I've seen in the game :sick:
Jadenth   Fixed link
Jadenth's Yavin Stronghold[link]
jariko   created a new thread Windows 10 upgrade in the General Discussion forum
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JadenthGroup 3 could use a merc or operative healer tonight at 6:30 Pacific/Server. We got some sicklies. SM Rav/Tos, and then Master/Blaster & Corratanni HM progression.
Jew   Either way works for me. Just logging in so I will be around.
Stippling   Go ahead and take Jew. Having an impromptu late night dinner date with my girlfriend so I won't be on quite that early. I should be around a bit later if I'm needed.
Jew   Is Group 3 all good to go tonight? If you need a sub healer again I can come.
Jadenth3.3 Delayed, no patch tonight.
SWTOR Patch 3.3 Delayed Until Further Notice - Dulfy
SWTOR patch 3.3 has been delayed due to some issues. There is currently no ETA on the next maintenance. Scheduled Maintenance: 20-21 July 2015 | 07.20.2015, 08:27 PM Hey folks! We ...
Stippling   They had to pull the plug on 3.3 until they can fix the Bar Stool decoration that gives you unlimited cartel coins.
Darkom   Don't worry, we still get our packs and decor tomorrow. Can't delay the Cartel Market.
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JadenthGroup 3 could use a fill in sniper tonight at 6:30 server. We will do Monolith HM first and then aim for coratanni progression.
JadenthGroup 2 has an opening for a dps. Pt, merc, or sniper would work! Their schedule is mon/wed/fri 6-9 pacific time. Please contact Trythack/Bo-katank or Jadenth for information.
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