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Dongo[VM] IZAX The Destroyer down. Took us a bit longer than anticipated but very satisfying to finally get the kill! Kill videos soonTM.
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Laet   gratz
KellDragon   Can't wait to see what nightmare brings!
It's Lit - 5.7 Scyva 8m Veteran Mode - Marauder DPS POV
First kill of Scyva for It's Lit on live. Probably my favori...
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Buff Innervate   added 90 Advanced days to Failure Guild
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Ryrjo   registered to Failure Guild
DarkomApologies for any inconveniences due to the renovations on the Bridge Deck. With the return of Stippling, he ordered us to redo the hideous interior decorating under Semenfaced and Dongold Trump regimes. As part of our increasing efforts towards being an inclusive guild, we have opened up a market filled with people and goods from various backgrounds. Adjacent to the market, we have a fresh new lounge for better social interaction and guild cohesion. Guild utilities will remain in the same location. We have created a room for seasonal festivities by the elevator for those willing to participate in Life Day. For the safety of the Life Day Reveler, he has been placed in a high security cell as we have noticed increasing hate speech against him and his cultural differences.

Thank you for understanding as we transition to a new era of inclusivity.
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Laet   God Bless America
FreakyD   MFGA
tangalangalangabingbang   it's a freaking sausage fest in the social area
tangalangalangabingbangI am starting a petition to have the snowball thrower removed from the ship.
Please like or comment to show your support.
This is an important cause and affects all of us.
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tangalangalangabingbang   He can believe anything he wants, that's his right, but when he starts throwing his beliefs at us? That crosses the line.
Jaydenz   someone put the snowball thrower inside the gtn now
KellDragon   The gtn is protesting the removal of the snowball thrower
- Group Onyx - Nahut Veteran Mode
Formulant - - Group Onyx - Nahut Veteran Mode - Star Wars: T...
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DongoHarambeezee i mean NAHOOT
It's Lit -5.6 Nahut 8m Veteran Mode - PT DPS POV
First It's Lit kill on live. I had to sacrifice my self for ...
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Laet   ez
Dongo   added 90 Advanced days to Failure Guild
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Darkom   Must have been a black friday sale for Dongo to add days
tangalangalangabingbang   added 30 Advanced days to Failure Guild
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