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DongoWe have problems with simple bosses.
Failure and Friends EC Colonel Vorgath 16m NIM
16 man is hard content no joke.
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The Rabbit   did 8m with nalia on my jugg and did the same thing u did in the beginning of the vid dongo lol
JimmyRIP Dongo's parse
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Dongo   D:
Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community f...
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Skullcap   video's not linking right. have to click on the highlights stuff so it takes you to twitch :/ what a bother.
Rothkana / Thelliari
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Them   Seconded, didn't we have like 5 or 6 deaths on that thing?
Dongo   [link] Preview of things to come
Rothkana / Thelliari   I couldn't put that up, it was so bad from my PoV. I didn't catch Dongo dying to mines, or him NOT killing Aretha, or anything else of importance.
Rothkana / Thelliari
Failure F+S 16NiM EC - Merc Heals PoV
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The RabbitGreen group will need a tank fill in for tonight
Rothkana / ThelliariAs requested =P
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The RabbitHappy Fathers day to any dads in the guild!!!
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Dekastor and Cruecius registered to Failure Guild
JimmyAll 6 kills from last night:
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Jimmy   Oops. Just realized 3 other people posted videos.
fraze   LOL yeah a bunch of people recorded
Darkom   You should've been unique and uploaded the short 2x Ancient threat pull
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