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nice banner. Props.
hello all! Snake here from the 6:00pst team, we're going to be short a healer and dps all week, if anybody wants to help us kill some HM bosses let me know.
Get wrecked Ghana.
Hi Ranek :)
omg hi vio
Patchwork is a one man show!
Draxus - Patchwork likes to do an improv session on the script and not use Hydraulics! >:)
nefra = easy. draxus = tough to strat, then easy and scripted. Grobbie = We have a wierd comp for it, RNG annoyingness. Corrupt 0 = harder than hardmode. Brontes = a brutal burn phase.
Been good how is nightmare?
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KenzersStudy time!

Enrage timer: 8 minutes and 10 seconds
HP: 10.8 mil
Ideal Setup: 2 tanks, 4 healers, 10 dps
Optional Setup: 2 tanks, 5 healers, 9 dps
World First Hateful Entity Kill
Severity Gaming - 16 Man - Scum and Villainy Secret Boss - H...
Kenzers   And here is a link to anything you need to know about Dreadtooth and the Dreadful Entity:
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truenoobSign Ups for SEPT. 9th Dreadful and Hateful Entities First come first serve. We will try and do this more than one time so everyone will beable to get the achievement.
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Violescent   Um, /signup
truenoob   go to the events...
Malgenek   Malgs group will provide 8 people for the night, 1 tank, 5 dps, 2 healers. i have 3 range and 2 mele dps.
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ViolescentSorry Jade, Kenzers and Hipstre! Didn't mean to peace out on you guys my power went out for whatever reason :(
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Kenzers   It's ok! we had a lot of fun!
Jadenth   no worries, I would be urked if my power went out for that long tho. Are you up an running again Violescent?
Violescent   Yes! Internet is finally alive again at my house. Yay!
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