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RogeffI'm choosing to believe that you didn't see my previous message :p. Seriously kickball (pvp 4v4s) is extremely fun and many of us pvers have not experienced this and know little about pvp. if at all interested in trying out a new aspect of the game (which sharpens player awareness skills, cooldown management, etc...) please whisper me in game or pm me on enjin if interested in learning/playing kickball
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Kalleth   I would be willing to join is there going to be a date set up?
Rogeff   there will be more details as soon as I find enough people to fill at least 2 teams
Mike Octo   I'm down!
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TheSpiceIsRightBlack's first styrak kill :d
Black - Styrak
Our first kill :D
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Buff Innervate   Look at this Rich GERMAN GUY BOYYYYYYS
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NaliaAnother Tyth HM kill - Group Black with Kitty and Tim filling in <3
Uploaded by JLO JLO on 2017-04-22.
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