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hello all! Snake here from the 6:00pst team, we're going to be short a healer and dps all week, if anybody wants to help us kill some HM bosses let me know.
Get wrecked Ghana.
Hi Ranek :)
omg hi vio
Patchwork is a one man show!
Draxus - Patchwork likes to do an improv session on the script and not use Hydraulics! >:)
nefra = easy. draxus = tough to strat, then easy and scripted. Grobbie = We have a wierd comp for it, RNG annoyingness. Corrupt 0 = harder than hardmode. Brontes = a brutal burn phase.
Been good how is nightmare?
wassup you been brotha?
:) too bad no one really runs pyro in ops except for shits n' gigs
Failure News
MalevolenceSo it's confirmed, 50 million credits has to be in the guild bank in order to purchase guild capital ship.
StonefaceFarewell Failure,
I've taken a dps spot with a guild on the harbinger server. The added stress's of trying to lead a group was burning me out and I felt I needed a change. I am very sorry to let my teammates down, I know they were counting on me to be there but I'm just not cut out for leadership. I'll miss you all and I am very thankful to have been able to raid with such a great bunch of people.
Best of Luck,
Litebulb   Snake what happened? SNAKE? SNAAAAKE?!!!!!!!!! Best of luck you dude, your new guild will be lucky to have you.
Kenzers   Best of luck bro, we've been raiding since High and Mighty and Ive had fun ever since. Good luck and we know your new guild will benefit from you! Roadhouse!
Dublecada   Well shit. You are too hard on yourself much like myself lmao. Ah well I hope you find the girl of your dreams (Your happy place in raids). Were you able to keep your names so i can come bug you on some random lvl 1? lol
Malevolence"The Guardians of the Fortress now have the correct damage and health in 8-Player Nightmare Dread Fortress."

Buff or nerf? If nerf this could help the second groups issue of still having guardians up at the wave transition.
Ranek   Nerf, they had 1.5x the normal health when they took away the nightmare power when DP came out. I may be wrong though, they might have given them even more, or even less hitpoints in a previous patch.
Stippling   Nerf to fix a mistaken buff. Ranek had it right.
KenzersHere you guys go! The new Nim mount! Totally cool beans
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Malevolence   Now that I would ride.
Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest: 'TIE Fighters' Clip
A clip from Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest, released on 21...
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StipplingBarnacle-Encrusted Aquatic Manaanian Steed (Barnacles will be added by Bioware)

Link Description
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Stippling   Variant

dysf(x)al   LOLOLOL
Kenzers   I want one
ViolescentSuch priceless moment.
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StipplingCanadian Bumper Sticker

Link Description
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StipplingLol @ the amount of downtime I experience on this attempt.
Failure versus Nightmare Raptus
Failure of the Bastion Dread Master Raptus in Nightmare Drea...
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Valgaar   Love the crack walnuts comment at the end!
Stippling   Haha yeah I clipped the video and made sure that stayed in haha.
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