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JadenthGoup 3 is seeking a merc or sniper fill in for Thursday nights raid at 7-9.30 server. Coratanni HM. Knowledge of the fight is required (in game or reading strats/watching videos) as well as a good amount of HM Gear.
Jadenth   we got someone ty guys
ThemI know a lot of you aren't interested in the lore <cough Scarello cough> but this is pretty awesome: [link]
Disney is selling a Millennium Falcon drone from tomorrow
Star Wars merchandise is big business. So big, in fact, that the films' stewards are streaming an unboxing marathon for all of the Force Awakens toys coming out on "Force Friday" t...
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ScarelloSkull listening to MMMbop on his stream... Then achy breaky heart....
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Skullcap   *cough* requested by True*cough*
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ThanilIf anyone has a stockpile of Radioactive paste(grade 6 Diplomacy material) I will pay 15k per unit. Just CoD it to any Thanil toon.
Them   Got you covered...sent 20 did you need more?
Them   Or I could just make you the Exotech adrenals myself. Whatevers.
Thanil   im able to make them. i just need a good amount of the mats to get a stockpile going.
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Nueva   What do
bigugly07   created a new thread Starparse issues in the General Discussion forum
ViolescentPSA With 4.0 comes the new mastery stat system. Having every datacron is now viable. There's about 200 mastery to gain from getting them all.
Violescent   Cumulative I should think, because +10 to each stat.
Nueva   What about the baked beans datacrons?
Darkom   Just a heads up, their post mainly referred to KOTFE datacrons being legacy wide, they haven't confirmed that they will be retroactive, and knowing Bioware, it most likely will not.
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