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We Finally Did Gatecrasher Bois
Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community f...
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Beastfury   and now that i'm redoing gear, I realize i did that on my pt with only 5 piece set bonus cuz i left my pt bracers on merc :(
Timshel   Well done, Beast.
TimshelPurple kills Styrak with Roscoe's assistance.
Styrak Kill With
First time non meme spec :o
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Timshel   Beast, I am disappoint.
Beastfury   Dun blame me. I watched up until u guys wiped with styrak ~30%, then took a long blink and didn't open my eyes until 9 hours later :(
Beastfury   Roscoe's stream was still open on my phone when I got up
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TimshelGroup purple's kill of Brontes, with Jay subbing.
Brontes NiM
Getting lucky
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Duress   grats...... "that feeling...."
Them   Congrats
Timshel   I'll give you the money when I see you next online, Jay.
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DongoI like to copy jimi.
4.0 Hateful Entity w/ Failure and Friends Marauder DPS POV
Welp this finishes out all of our 16m NIM kills for 4.0. Als...
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Dongo   The music helps my immersion. It is symbolic, it represents my inner rage and tiltitude when we do 16m, and now that the hardest is over I can let it all out.
Timshel   Dat oneshot though
Memz   Grats guys, you figured out the phase boss MnM have been having trouble with. Clean kill!
JimiThe sound is really quiet in this video for some reason.
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