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pecanta   registered to Failure Guild
DongoSomeone send help please.
Average Failure Raptus pull
The kind of shit that happens anytime we do this boss.
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Jimmy   Looks like I'm in first :cool:
Them   Nalia, I'm curious as to your favorite death?
Nalia   Yours was spectacular, however, Jimmy's casual stroll into the abyss got my vote this time.
Myschaa   registered to Failure Guild
4.0 6 Operative HM Revan
Welp, here's the last of the "all four" dps comps. Pretty mu...
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Jan   so whats left ?
Jan   skanktanks ?
Them   I think we're going for a 6x PT all DPS kill this weekend.
The Rabbit   well played bro's and broettes
The Rabbitwhere is the 6 op revan vid...i fell asleep during stream lol
sevenfaced   I'm sure beast will upload at some point.
Beastfury   Tis up now kiddos
Samsonite   registered to Failure Guild
Rothkana / ThelliariJust because I don't have one up from a healer's PoV. I'll stop spamming videos now =)
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Rothkana / Thelliari5:25 and on XD
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Chex   Confirmed, Narwhal has small penis problems.
WillyBumBum   salty dongo is salty
Thanil   narwhal confirmed jihadist.
Rothkana / ThelliariMB and Cora rendering, I will put those up when it's done.
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