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looking for a HM geared dps'er for ops 3 bulos and sword squadron 7 server
Kenzers gave me an itch, hes not funzies
Im funzies
[link] seems funzies.
[link] funzies.
That looks soo burrito'e!
[link] for Patchwork. Huehuehuehue.
need mara for ravager/tos sm's tonight at 7 pacific. Maybe hm attempts after.
o/ Hi
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Iridescence   added 30 Advanced days to Failure Guild
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JadenthOps 3 seeking a fill in dps for Sunday 7-10 server. Sword Squadron/Torgue HM.
MaalachorDid we figure out a time to do the entities tonight?
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Aza   joined Failure Guild
Hatorigroup ... um well the weekend crew is going to need a healer to fill in for tonight going to run through SM rav then work HM. starting up at 6 server. Hit me up in game if itrested
Soma   joined Failure Guild
MalevolenceGroup 2 is gonna need a healer or a tank filler for tomorrow night, 1/23, HM Ravagers from 6:00-9:00 pm PST. We will be working on Bulo.
Stippling   your*
Malevolence   If it comes down to subbing in a tank or not raiding it's not really a choice.
Stippling   Understandable. It read to me like you had a tank that could fill other roles instead, which initiated the misunderstanding.
StipplingNot sure when Dulfy will update her website, but here's early access to my Annihilation Marauder guide! Enjoy!

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Unlucky Yolk   It's a beautifully written guide! Thanks Stippling!
Stippling   It's official now:

Maalachor   time to lvl my mara, thanks stip, maybe i can fail as hard as you on my mara as well :sick:
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