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Laet   welcome squidward
LaetGroup Onyx Izax kill
Failure Group Onyx Izax VM
Took us between 5-6 hours to prog. I want to thank the membe...
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StipplingHi everyone just wanted to say I love you but the game we founded Failure in is boring AF. Please reroll on Rift Prime, home of ability delay, terrible class balance, and broken boss encounters. Other than that, it's pretty fun if anyone wants to derp around and play with Violescent and I. Just add Ling (my hot female Dearf) for good times.
Stippling   Dearf means Dwarf in Pig Latin look it up!
Darkom   Sorry Stip, you lost me at Violescent
Kell DragonGroup Orange Izax kill. Make sure to have audio on. Sorry for bad quality xd
Failure Group Orange Izax Kill
Failure Group Orange Izax VM Kill 03/26/2018 This group had ...
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Dongoits a little loud sorry xd
It's Lit - 5.8 Izax The Destroyer 8m Veteran Mode - Juggerna...
Our first kill of Izax. Happy to have killed the boss within...
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